Staxel 1.5 Hideaway Hollow is OUT NOW!

Update 1.5 “Hideaway Hollow”

Hello Staxelites! Staxel reporter here bringing you exciting news on our latest update officially dubbed Hideaway Hollow. There are a bunch of new things to do in this update so please continue reading for more information.

This update was produced in collaboration with Stitch Heads Entertainment. The team at Stitch Heads brought to life the islands, characters and critters you’ll see in this update.

We’ve had a blast working with everyone involved, you can follow them on Twitter @StitchHeads

Explore the new island and catch new critters.

This new update whisks you away to a faraway island complete with new bugs and fish to catch. You’ll get to explore the seemingly abandoned surroundings and uncover its hidden secrets.

Dive into the portals and discover the mysterious cave, complete with its own hidden treasures and unique charm. Don’t get lost and make sure you follow the right path or you’ll find yourself running around in circles!

Quests and Riddles!

After entering the caves you’ll come across a quirky villager. Make sure you listen carefully to his riddles and pay attention to your surroundings to find your way out and get Maximilian’s top hat back.

New villager to befriend and new mystery merchant.

Once you make it back to the village you’ll be able to invite your new friend to your town! He just needs some more friends to stop causing a ruckus. And yes, you can have him as a roommate too!

A new mystery merchant will be available from the airship dock as well. They will be selling familiar items and blocks you may have seen on the new island; Just be sure to place down that Airship anchor and the new merchant will appear soon after returning from the island.

New furniture, blocks and more. 

The update also brings you over 70 new pieces of furniture and decorations to collect, these include new fences, lights and seating; giving you more options to decorate your farmhouse and its surroundings! 

In addition to the new furniture and decorations, there are also over 50 new blocks. These include new building materials and vegetation! Ever wanted purple and pink galaxy grass on your farm? Want to add glowing water? We have you covered with this new update.

But wait, there’s more! You can find even more things to collect, including new crafting and cooking recipes and even more bobbleheads!

Pets and farm animals!

You heard right folks, our amazing content update team has added 6 new pets including foxes and hedgehogs and much more; each with a different colour variation and their own unique pet house! Feeling like dressing up as a pirate? You can now complete the look with a parrot companion, BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!!

Not only have we added new pets we have added 3 new farm animals too! Each new farm animal will also give you a new item to farm. Expand your farm life with these cute new critters.

Accessing the new update

In order to access the new update you will need to ensure that you have completed all of  Leif’s friendship quests and are friends with Cecile.

In addition to this content update, we have also created five new Steam achievements based on this new update, so get out there and explore!!

We hope you enjoy this new and exciting update, you can join the community by following us on Twitter @StaxelGame and join our Discord!

Our plans for 2020

Hey everyone!

You haven’t heard from us in a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy behind the scenes!

Since the go-live 1.4 update in April, we mostly have been working on bug fixes and patches.

With Staxel being officially released, most of the dev team have moved onto other companies and projects – shout out to and !

The remaining three of us, however, have exciting news to share!

We’ve been experimenting with some new game concepts.

We are currently working on rewriting Staxel from the ground up, building a new engine for it and getting it ready for a console release.

Seeing as Staxel itself took us 6 years to make, this might take a while.

As it stands now, we have no roadmap or expected release date, so please bear with us.

We can’t say much more about it right now, but would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of our game.

Staxel means a lot to all of us, and so does its community.

Thank you all for being a part of that!

Staxel Changelog for 1.3.52

Sapling 1.3.52 (181129b)


  • Level Of Detail changes now smoothly fade in.


  • Changed model of an old duplicate Tracter Double Bed and hidden it from catalogues.
  • Added a button to rename worlds without loading them.
  • Better and more efficient distance fog. Distance fog is now disabled if Bloom is disabled.
  • Minor adjustments to the steam launcher usability.
  • Halloween changes have been removed. (Brick sells his original stock etc)
  • Added some particles at the start of pulling up flowers animation
  • Improvements to the steam launcher error if the game fails to start.


  • LOD holes have been fixed.
  • Fix caret position in the World name box being reset to the end all the time.
  • Hardening towards certain Dialogue crashes.
  • Some hardening towards save corruption.
  • More retrying and hardening when loading files.
  • Don’t have the server crash if world facade goes null.
  • Suppressed some old world exceptions to do with bugs. Fixed on the spot now.
  • Fixed multiple inventory full sounds happening at once.
  • Fix some crashes with StaxelNet.
  • Fixed a crash when the renamer was used yet wasn’t the active item.
  • Fix gaps appearing in terrain at long distances.
  • Fix some surrounding logic that may have caused NPC’s to read without a book.
  • Don’t disable sound if the audio system goes out of memory. Some other minor audio changes.
  • Keep trying to delete/move files for up to 15 seconds. Should help with sporadic issues with Anti-viruses and similar programs.
  • Can no longer get Halloween mail by having an older world.
  • Fix Character model showing when net issues window appears.
  • Fix some cases of visual sliders (e.g. Gamma) going out of bounds and causing black screens.


  • Items from mods that have been removed should be replaced with a “Missing Item” item. These should turn back into the original item, if added back in.
  • Content Builder checks sounds exist on Plants and Tiles.
  • Content Builder error messages should now provide all of the details upfront.
  • Links in Content Builder error messages should now be clickable.
  • Improved error message for empty Language files
  • Fix Content Build Exceptions not showing the filename.
  • Updated Plants and added sponges to the Asset Manager.
  • Removed chain crafting behaviour as it wasn’t used in Staxel. If you want previous behaviour, use “DeprecatedChainCraft” : true in your reaction.

Halloween Update & GOG

Halloween Update

Get your spook on with these creepy Halloween masks! Be the talk of the town, or the local boogie monster if that’s more your style.

These masks are part of the upcoming Halloween update that we’re currently working on! The masks will be craftable at the pumpkin carving table, and will also be a permanent addition to the in-game catalogue during the Halloween update so you can still pick them up after the holiday is over! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be sporting the zombie chicken head. I just hope my chickens don’t mind too much…

A new scary furniture set is also in the works to celebrate this Halloween in style! Each and every room in your house will be decorated to celebrate the creepiest of holidays. Dine surrounded with cobwebs, and sleep in a coffin… what could be more festive than that?

Like the masks, this furniture set will be a permanent addition to the game so don’t worry about missing out!

That’s all I can share for now, but it shouldn’t be a long wait for these new goodies to go live. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Staxel on

Over the past year we’ve had a lot of people requesting a DRM-free option for playing Staxel.
We’re pleased to let you know that if DRM-free is your jam, you can now pick up Staxel from the GOG store!

The GOG version of Staxel is exactly the same as the versions you’ll find on Steam, HumbleBundle and our own website so you’re not missing out on any features by going DRM-free.

You’ll still be able to play multiplayer with your friends on Steam too! The only difference being that you’ll need to set up a dedicated server using the Server Wizard to play with your friends who are on Steam.
Servers are pretty simple to set up, but if you have any questions or are struggling to figure it out, you can always send us an email or head on over to the Discord and someone will be around to help 🙂

Next Major Staxel Update

Just to let you all know, Staxel’s next major update is in currently in the works.
We won’t be giving out too many details on this for the time being, but rest assured we’re all working hard to bring more interesting content to the game for you all to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for future issues of the Staxel Reporter where we’ll be posting updates and sneak peeks of what we’re working on.

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab Staxel at

Or you can wishlist us on steam at

Thanks for reading!




Staxel 1.3 – Friendship Update is Live!

After a lot of hard work, we’re very proud to say that ‘Staxel 1.3 – Friendship Update’ is now live! Let’s take a look at some of the new content you’ll be seeing in game.

The New Friendship System

The main aspect of this update is adding more depth to the villagers. You can now build relationships with your neighbours by talking with them on a regular basis, giving them gifts, doing them favours and completing their ‘Friendship quests’!

Befriending a villager comes with certain benefits; when you get to know them well you might receive some special gifts, and if you take a liking to one villager in particular, you can even invite them to become your roommate! It’s important to choose your best friend carefully though, as you can only have one roomie at a time!

Villager Behaviour

Along with all their new dialogue, the villagers’ daily behaviour has been upgraded too. You might find villagers doing more day-to-day activities like shopping in the local store, or having conversations with each other. We’ve found that these changes breathe much more life into the village, and Leif seems pretty happy about it too!

More Quests

Villagers each have special ‘Friendship quests’ for you to complete, if you choose to. I certainly don’t want to spoil the fun by going into detail here, but I will say you’ll really be seeing your neighbors’ personalities come out with this update. Each villager’s quests are unique to them, so by helping out you’ll learn more about them and build a stronger relationship to boot!

New Festivals

We’ve added a new fully-fledged Springtime festival, along with a ‘mini festival’ of sorts. Of course, I’m not going to reveal too much about either of these, but what I will leave you with this cheeky sneak peek.

New Content

Along with all these new systems, we’ve also added a lot of new content too. New outfits, accessories, furniture pieces, toys, and even new pets! Some of the new gear can only be collected in specific ways (for example, completing friendship quests), so I’m sure all of you collectors will have a blast gathering all the new loot!

This isn’t all you’ll find in 1.3 though, for further information on the changes you can read the changelist below (note that this isn’t an exhaustive list). The best way to find out what’s new is to update Staxel and give it a spin! We’re all pumped with how it’s turned out and can’t wait to see what you all think of it. Have fun!


Major new content:

  • Friendship system: Befriend the villagers by giving them gifts, conversing with them, or completing daily quests.
  • Roomies: Help out a villager enough, become their best friend, and maybe they’ll agree to move in with you! All you need to do is given them a certain special item and make sure you set up your own home’s signpost!
  • Gifts: You can now give villagers items by pressing the correct button with the item selected.
  • New quests: More than 35 new quests spread across 11 villagers, spanning several friendship storylines (Leif, Eris, and Jamie will receive theirs in a future update).
  • New pet type: Unlock an entire new species of pet through Rosemary’s quests! Not even the whole dev team knows what it is!
  • New faces: New storylines bring with them interesting new individuals!
  • New hats: Who doesn’t want more hats?
  • New furniture and tiles: Even more ways to decorate!
  • Quest items: These specially marked items are extra hard to lose:
    • They can’t be dropped or thrown away.
    • They will always end up in your inventory, even if it is full. They’ll even throw out a random item to make room if necessary!
    • Placeable quest tiles will always return to the inventory when broken.
  • A new festival: Springtime brings with it a tiny disaster.
  • New building tools: Tape measures simplify judging sizes, along with many other handy tools to make building a cinch!

Detailed 1.3 Changelist:


  • Reputation and reputation levels
  • Reputation icons displayed in nametags
  • Reputation can be gained by:
    • Talking
    • Giving Items
    • Completing daily quests
  • The ability to invite villagers to be your roomie upon completing their questline
    • Roomied villagers will hang out at your house
    • Roomied villagers will have extra special dialogue
  • A new species of pet
  • A new festival
  • Dozens of new quest items
  • New hats
  • Conversations with Murmurs (Merchants)
  • Postboxes and signs can have extra criteria:
    • Must be away from town
    • Must not overlap with another totem
  • Villagers can go shopping in the village
  • Villagers can converse with each other (only used in quests for now)
  • Dialogue can be used to spawn villagers, tiles, and more


  • Allow all numpad buttons to be mapped; some were missed by mistake
  • Fix pets colliding with doors while following their owners
  • Fix some cases of Journal entries duplicating
  • Fix an issue where postbox/totem sale pools couldn’t be expanded with new tiers
  • When checking for an item in a players inventory, the clothing slots were skipped
  • Fixed some dialogue issues, which resulted in getting stuck in conversations



  • Added a large number of extra Dialogue Commands
  • Added functionality to fishables to be active during certain quests, or while certain totems exist
  • Added functionality to plants to drop seeds when broken at certain stages
  • Allow villagers to be farm animals
  • Added village global variables for dialogue
  • Added personal cross-villager variables for players in dialogue
  • Add the ability to defer dialogue commands, limited to a small handful of commands for now
  • More extensive dialogue validation
  • Regards are now included in villager npc files
  • Dialogue pools blocked by friendship levels are included in villager npc files
  • Fixed an issue where a misnamed dialogue command could still be validated
  • Fixed an issue where farm animals, and pet models were not checked
  • Fixed bodytype layers in some animals
  • When creating translation files for dialogues, the content builder will now filter to .dialogue and .npcconversation files.


Plus countless other minor changes lost to the wind.


Notice about the Staxel Forum

This announcement is just to let you all know that we’re going to be closing down the community forum. While we’ve had a great time on here since it started, community activity has mainly moved over to the Staxel Discord (with a lot of other activity happening on the official Reddit and Steam Discussion pages)

The main reasons behind this decision are:

– We’ve been having trouble keeping the bot spam under control, whilst only a few slip through the filter to public view, it’s really quite bad behind the scenes and it’s become quite difficult to manage.

– With the introduction of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) there are quite a few changes which will need to be made regarding accounts and registration.

At this point, considering the reduced forum activity, we feel that closing the forums is the most practical way forward. We also feel that the community experience will be better for everyone if we can focus our attention on a few select places instead of spread out as it currently is.

We hope you all understand, and we’d love to see you make the move over to one of our other community platforms if you aren’t in there already!

Staxel Reporter – Issue #10: Gathering & New Furniture Set


Staxel Reporter – Issue #10

Hey all, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter you’ll learn some of our plans for the ‘gathering’ system and get a sneak peak at a new furniture set!


With such a rich world and a host of different environments, gathering becomes almost second nature, and the sooner you get started the better! A good deal of Staxel’s gameplay hinges on the various things you’ll be picking up as you navigate the world. Building, for instance, will require the crafting of materials, most of which are created with resources that can be harvested from your world like stone, wood, clay etc.

Many cooking ingredients will also have to be sourced by foraging around looking for things like berries, fruits, mushrooms and fish. You don’t have to grow everything on the farm when nature provides it for you. And if you come across a particular flower you like the look of, why not just pick off the seeds and grow some yourself?

‘Beta fish’ mock-up

Gathering is also going to be the first step you take towards completing any collections you decide to start, and with some of the “collectables” only being available in certain seasons you’ll be outside gathering all the time!

Finally, you can always make a little extra money from gathering. You’ll be able to sell a lot of the things you pick up on your travels to the vendors in town. This will come in handy, especially early on when you’re just starting up and need a bit of cash to keep things ticking over.


So there you have it, a little bit of insight into the possibilities that good gathering techniques will open up for you. So remember, any time you’re out exploring you could be catching bugs, mining for materials, picking fruits and flowers, fishing and collecting all sorts of other things to your heart’s content. Just make sure to bring the right tool for the job!

New Furniture Set

Ever walked into your home and thought “I really wish there was a Contemporary furniture set”? Well have I got news for you!

World-renowned designer RazzleberryFox has just revealed her latest range of furniture, affectionately named “The Contemporary Furniture Set”.


This set contains the following pieces of furniture:

  • Table
  • Large Table
  • Side Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Single bed
  • Double bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Dresser
  • Chair
  • Arm chair
  • Love seat
  • Sofa
  • Vanity
  • Stool
  • Long stool
  • Futon
  • Credenza
  • Lamp
  • Foot lamp
  • Desk

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Gee Liam, that’s a whole lot of furniture, how will I fit it all into my freshly built home?”

I have no idea, maybe expand your house? That question is really outside my area of expertise.


This new furniture set will be arriving in Staxel in the coming week, so keep an eye out for the next update!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Seedling Edition’ at

Remember, Staxel’s price will be raised to $10 USD on May the 1st  (2016).

Thanks for reading!




The Staxel Reporter – Issue #8


Staxel Reporter – Issue #8

Hey everyone, this issue of the Staxel Reporter shows off our new village built especially for GDC and a brand new furniture set!

GDC Village Demo

As many of you will no doubt know the Game Developers Conference is currently in full swing in San Francisco! Some of the Staxel team have made the trip to see check out what’s new and catch up with some other devs and we thought this would be a good opportunity to build a new village just in case they bump into anyone who wants to have a look at the game.

So here’s a little showcase of the “GDC Village”! See if you can spot the new items:

farm new
Firstly we have a picture of the farm, we tried to keep it a bit more civilised than the last farm with a nice rustic cobblestone path between plots. To the right we have the tunnel entrance which leads out  to the main village. Outside of the shot to the left is a paddock and barn, complete with some of the new long grass objects that are also now available in game.


This is the view we have of the new village. Upon exiting the tunnel from the farm you’ll be greeted by a handful of cottages in this sleepy village. But don’t let the olde-worlde chic fool you, each home is outfitted with the latest modern appliances and most comfortable of stylish furniture. Overlooking the village is the mayor’s house, feel free to drop in and take a look, he’s never home.


Here we have our local amenities surrounding the town square. On the left is the village store, catering to all your most extravagant needs (and with prices to match!). In the centre is the village hall and on the right we have the tavern, complete with tea garden!


Lastly we have a postcard-worthy picture of the town well. Beautifully restored to it’s original condition, RazzleberryFox whipped this up for us on request and it looks great!
If you want to check it out for yourself you’re more than welcome to. It’s currently on the “alpha” server.

Come and visit today but remember, we only open access to our test server periodically so you’ll have to hurry if you want to make your mark!

Groovy Furniture Set

Tired of keeping up with all the latest trends? Shelling out every two weeks to get the latest version of exactly the same thing?

Well now you can get an incredibly old version of exactly the same thing with the all “new” Groovy Furniture Set!


The set is available in-game now and contains the following pieces of furniture

  • Double Bed
  • Single Bed
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Armchair
  • Couch
  • Floor lamp
  • Small lamp
  • Stool
  • Cupboard
  • Dresser
  • Chest of drawers

Acclaimed designer Conor had this to say about his latest set:

“The Groovy set is super wild, check it out and get your disco on yo!”


We dared to ask this accomplished fashionista what else we can expect from his upcoming range.

“I’m going to try a new style soon, thinking something dark and Gothic, but maybe it’s just a phase.”

Well there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth. Expect to see a gothic furniture set in the near future!

Follow us on twitter, facebook, reddit, our forums or subscribe to this newsletter for the latest updates on Staxel!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. Remember, you can grab ‘Staxel – Seedling Edition’ at

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The Staxel Reporter – Issue #5


Staxel Reporter – Issue #5


Hey all! In this issue of the Staxel Reporter we announce some exciting news and give you a little insight into our plans for Staxel’s flowers.

Introducing A New Team Member


Let’s start with some great news, the Staxel team has just gained a new member! More specifically, we’ve brought in an additional artist.

She’s currently working closely with SteampunkStein and they’re coming up with all sorts of exciting new things to add to the game. So, without further ado, here’s RazzleberryFox!

“Hi! I’m Razz… I am a 3D Modeller and digital artist. I have been making 3D models for a few years now.

I started in University and never stopped. I made models and art mostly for Minecraft, I worked closely with quite a few mod makers, also made a mod of my own, Decocraft, and decided that video games were more than a hobby to me, they were my passion and I have been working toward making games look pretty ever since!


When I heard the Staxel team was looking for a new member and considered me I was super excited, and now I can finally get to doing something I love and sharing it with all of you!

So feel free to follow me on twitter @razzleberryfox and talk to me! I will try my very best to work with SteampunkStein and the rest of the crew to make Staxel as beautiful as we can!”



SteampunkStein is currently doing a lot of work on the flower models and on implementing growth stages, so I thought this would be a good time to give you some insight into our plans for flowers in Staxel.

Flowers work differently to crops in a few ways. Firstly, flowers won’t wilt if you forget to water them, this will make it a lot easier to create your stunning garden without having to think about the upkeep of all the plants in it.


Secondly, colours play a more important role when it comes to harvesting seeds. At first, flowers will only be available in their standard colours but eventually you’ll be able to grow flowers using a wide spectrum of colours and combinations.

Staxel’s extensive collection of flora is designed to give you endless possibilities when creating your gardens, but you’ll be happy to know that they all follow the same growth pattern. To keep things simple all you really need to do is plant the seeds and then water them until they’re fully grown.

I haven’t mentioned everything to do with the features we’re thinking of but I hope this gives you all a better idea of how this system is going to work.

Well, that’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. Remember, you can grab ‘Staxel – Seedling Edition’ at

Thanks for reading!




Modding Guide

Hey everyone,

We’ve just pushed an update that got our Asset Manager into a working state so I figured this would be a good time to make a guide for basic modding. We want people to really take advantage of the possibilities that modding opens up, and this means getting your own items and reskins into the game should be as simple and straightforward as possible.

First off, you’ll be happy to know that mods in multiplayer only need to be installed on the host’s server, if you want to join a modded server you don’t have to install any of the mods yourself! Secondly, before we begin it’s worth noting that you will need to reinstall your mod after any updates as the “mods” folder will be cleared, so make sure to keep backups of any content you create or download. And lastly, at the moment, any modded installation will be considered as failing validation so don’t panic, you haven’t done anything wrong!

Okay, let’s get started.

Making the voxel model

The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself a voxel editor. Our artist, SteampunkStein, uses Qubicle ( but MagicaVoxel ( is a good free alternative. We’ve also heard some great things about VoxelShop ( from our modders. Basically any editor of your choice that can export to .qb format. Our wiki is going to be updated with more info regarding different voxel editors and the differences between them soon.

Quick note regarding “layer names”. If you’re modding heads, clothing or character items the layer names have to be correct. As we’re just making a simple object you can place in the world we don’t need to worry about that.  Like I mentioned before, our wiki will be updated with more information regarding this soon, but one thing you should make note of is that MagicaVoxel doesn’t support multiple layer names.

Now it’s time to start making the items you want. There are no colour restrictions, but it’s best if you try and stick to multiples of 16x16x16 grids. For example if you want to make your item taller than one block, you’d use 16x16x32, longer than one block would be 32x16x16 etc.

When you’re finished designing your model you’ll need to save it to the mods folder as a .qb file. The default path to the mods folder is “%localappdata%/Local/staxel.launcher/gamedata/content/mods” and while not completely necessary, it would be a good idea to make a new folder for each modpack you create to avoid any confusion later on.


Now that you have your .qb model you’ll need to generate a .tile file to accompany it in your mod folder.

There a two ways to generate .tile files.  Firstly, you could write one yourself in your favourite text editor, (which is what we’ll be doing in the first example) we’ll call this “Method A”. Secondly, you could use Staxel’s Asset Manager (we’ll call this “Method B”). This option will make the process a lot easier for players who don’t have much experience with modding. If you are still struggling to get your mod into the game after trying both of these options then you should have a look at the “modding wiki”. This wiki can be edited by anyone so, although there isn’t much info on there at the moment, it will be a constantly growing article with the latest relevant information available.

Method A – Writing a .tile in a text editor

Okay so, the easiest way to start writing your own .tile file would be to have a look at the .tiles already available for Staxel’s own assets. You can find them in “%localappdata%/Local/Staxel.Launcher/gamedata/content/staxel”. Try to find an asset that behaves similarly to the way you want your item to be used in the game. We’re making a mushroom so we’ll use a flower .tile (in this instance “Allium_blue_1” which can be found in /content/staxel/plant/flowers/ Allium_blue_1.tile).

Start off by making a copy of the .tile and pasting it into the mod folder that contains your .qb file. Now open it up in notepad (or the text editor of your choice) and you should see something like this:


It might look confusing at first but it’s actually pretty easy. For a simple item the only properties you need to change are the following:

“code” is the I.D of the asset, you can change this to anything you want but it’s encouraged that you use “mods.” as the prefix for your mod assets to avoid any filename conflicts with Staxel’s own assets.  It’s good practice to always make your asset code reference it’s directory as well. For example our mod has the path “mods/testmod/LargePinkMushroom”, so we will give this mod the asset code “mods.testmod.LargePinkMushroom”

“voxels” is the file location (within the “content” folder) of the .qb model that you want to associate with this .tile file. You’ll need to change this to point to your own .qb so we’ll change it to “%localappdata%/Local/Staxel.Launcher/gamedata/content/mods/testmod/LargePinkMushroom.qb”

“categories” are the keywords that the in-game inventory’s search function will use to filter items from the catalogue, pick some words that describe your item’s design and replace the ones here with those. Since we’re making a pink mushroom we’ll use the tags “mushroom”, “toadstool”, and “pink”.

Now save the .tile file with the name that matches the .qb file.

At this point you should now have the two files you need in your mod folder and you’re ready to get them into the game. For this last step you’ll need to use Staxel’s Content Builder (default location is “%localappdata%\Local\Staxel.Launcher\gamedata\bin\Staxel.ContentBuilder.exe”). All you need to do is start the program, click “Validate Resources” and if you’re putting them on a server click “Upload to server”. This will also create a cache file for the asset in your mod’s folder (this step applies to installing 3rd party mods as well after placing them in the “mods” folder).

And that’s it! Your first Staxel mod should now be available in the game so all that’s left to do now is go and try it out!

Method B – Generating a .tile with the Asset Manager

The Asset Manager does what it says on the box. You can use it as an interface to see the locations and configurations of all the assets in Staxel. For this tutorial though we’ll just be covering a simple way to get your items working in the game, a more in-depth guide will be available at a later date so again, keep an eye on the modding wiki at

Firstly, you’ll need to open the Asset Manager (default location is “%localappdata%/Local/staxel.launcher/gamedata/bin/Staxel.AssetManager.exe”)

In the Asset Manager‘s main window you would open the “View” menu, and depending on the type of asset you’ve created, select the appropriate option. We’ll be using the “Tile Assets” type in this example. Choosing this will open a list showing all of Staxel’s assets of the “Tile Assets” type. So right now, at the top of this new window (below the menu) we have a drop-down list with different kinds of Tile Assets. We’ll select “Flowers” as they’re the most similar to the mushroom we’ll be modding in.

You can use this opportunity to have a look at the properties for all the flowers in the game, but for now we’ll just pick one to clone the configuration from that will be used to generate the new .tile file for your asset.

Once you’ve chosen one you’ll need to clone it by clicking “asset->add->clone asset” and then in the box that opens up we’ll change the settings to what we need for our own .tile file.

“Asset code” is the I.D of the asset, you can change this to anything you want but it’s encouraged that you use “mods.” as the prefix for your mod assets to avoid any filename conflicts with Staxel’s own assets.  It’s good practice to always make your asset code reference it’s directory. For example our mod has the path “mods/testmod/LargePinkMushroom”, so we will give this mod the asset code “mods.testmod.LargePinkMushroom”

“Asset path” is where the new generated .tile file will be saved. You need to change this to the same folder as your .qb file and then add the new name of the .tile (it should be the same as the name of your .qb file). For the example we’ll change this field to “%localappdata%/Local/Staxel.Launcher/gamedata/content/mods/testmod/LargePinkMushroom.tile”

“Kind” We’ll leave this as “Flower”.

And with all the information replaced we’ll click “Ok”

Now we can take a look at our new asset which will be in the list of flowers. When you find it, click on it and you’ll see the configuration displayed on the right. Here you can edit all the information about the object you’re working on. Each parameter is pretty self explanatory. Now, we’re nearly done, we just need to tell it what .qb model to use so scroll down the config list until you find “Voxels” and then click on the filepath to change it to the .qb file in your mod’s folder. We’ll be using “mods/testmod/LargePinkMushroom.qb”.


The next step is to save the asset in the main window’s menu by selecting it from the list of flowers, and in the menu clicking Asset>Save>Asset. Finally we just need to build the asset, on the main menu click File>All Assets>Build and Validate assets.

Congratulations, our mod should now be in the game! That’s how to add a custom item using the Asset Manager.


The mod files we created for this tutorial can be downloaded here:

That about wraps it up. Remember to check out the still growing modding wiki for more information on modding. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to post on our forums, or join us in our IRC channel.

Thanks for reading, now get out there and make some awesome mods!