Staxel CE is out now for Nintendo Switch (and Windows, Mac and Linux)!

It’s been a long time coming but Staxel CE is now available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch! This Console Edition (CE) has been built from the ground up to be lighter and faster!

Hey Staxelites, it’s been almost a year since our last major update, but we haven’t been idle in the meantime. As of today, Staxel CE is out for Windows, Mac, Linux and… Nintendo Switch

This new version of the game – Staxel CE – was made to be lighter, faster, and more portable than the current PC version of the game. It contains the following major improvements:

  • System requirements for CE are much lower than the original! This version uses less than 4gb of RAM, and can maintain higher framerates on much weaker systems
  • A revamped control scheme for controllers
  • Multiplayer is snappier and more reliable. No need to have a fast connection either!
  • Faster loading times
  • A complete overhaul of the UI
  • Save files are 100x smaller (1-4 mb per world compared to 100mb+ in the original PC version)
  • And loads of other minor changes!

There is one thing to note however: 

  • The world size is no longer infinite, instead being limited to 512 x 128 x 512.

We are confident that this change doesn’t impact the general gameplay of Staxel but if you prefer the original version on PC, then the good news is that both the original and the CE version of the game are available through Steam for PC. If you’re on Mac or Linux you’re now finally able to play Staxel in its CE edition through Steam too! 

Alright, but what about Staxel on Nintendo Switch? The Switch version of Staxel is actually the same version as Staxel CE and is available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop right now! It features everything mentioned above, but also some unique features, like:
Touchscreen support for Menus

  • While Docked: gameplay will be 1080p and 60fps.
  • While in Handheld: it will be 720p and 30fps
  • Note: This version does not support crossplay with Windows, Mac, or Linux

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this port and we hope that you’ll enjoy it!