Patch Note Compilation

From this point onwards, patch notes will be compiled and shared in a biweekly post. This way, we won’t clutter the announcements section while still giving major improvements and additions to Staxel the spotlight they deserve.

We will keep this section readable and succinct. For more detailed and technical patch notes, see

Brief Overview:

New Stuff:

  • Staxel is now running in 64 Bit:
  • Staxel now uses FNA.
  • Cards and Emotes are now avaliable!
  • Steam Networking.
  • New camera mode, “Selfie Mode”, when pressing X.
  • New hats.
  • New recipes.
  • Flowers drop petals for crafting.
  • Commands can now get players with spaces in names by surrounding names with “”. (i.e. /kickplayer “Hah You Can’t Kick Me”)“
  • Tutorial Skip for players who have been through the tutorial once before.
  • Text Speed option. It can be made 5x faster.

Due to 64bit, the following changes have occured:

  • Less Out Of Memory Errors. Less Purple Screens.
  • Improved lower end performance. Performance Stability should be increased.
  • Graphics Card usage is down.
  • Disk Usage is down.
  • Note: Reported memory usage (RAM) is up. This is due to Staxel not hiding memory in the Page File anymore.


  • All postboxes and signs (Totems) have two tiers. Shops won’t immediately die when you take their boxes. Important signs also give a warning when you break them.
  • A lot of price changes have been made.
  • A lot of work has been done to lower Hard drive usage. It is now under control.
  • World generation and Level Of Detail generation have been sped up.
  • Tutorial changes, most for those not the admin of the server.
  • Animal behaviour is more reliable. They also have more trouble jumping over fences. (Still an area we are working on.)


  • A large number of fixes were made. Game should crash less, and more systems should work as expected.

Staxel Is Now Available!


After nearly four years of development, and our team growing from a small two-man operation to nearly a dozen hard-working developers, we have finally published Staxel to Steam! As you can imagine we’re all feeling a mix of excitement, pride, and nerves over this and we can’t wait to see what you all think of our game so far. While we still have so much we’d like to do, we think you’ll all certainly enjoy what’s already there!


As you can see, Staxel has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It started out as a basic creative builder, with not much other than an open world and a handful of tools and building blocks. Since that point we’ve kept on adding more and more of the content and systems we’d had in mind until we reached a point where we were happy to show the world what we’ve got. It’s been a wild ride so far, but now begins a totally new phase for Staxel, and we’re super excited to get started!

This brings us to a very important point, and one we’re forever grateful for. We’d like to take a moment to thank our fantastic community for all the support you’ve given us and for all the fun we’ve had with you over the past few years. We’ve had a blast gaming with you, chatting with you and spitballing ideas. All the way from the tiny IRC channel we started with to the busy and friendly Discord server we hang out on together now. Thanks guys, we’ve seriously loved every minute of it, and without you, it goes without saying we never would have reached this point!


With that, we hope all of you have a blast with Staxel! Keep an eye out as in the coming days we will be posting another article outlining some of our plans for Staxel’s development, including plans for new features and such!

You can get involved with our community through the following links:

Staxel: Kid-tested, parent-tested, parent-approved, kid-approved.

Post-PAX Aus roundup!

Staxel: Kid-tested, parent-tested, parent-approved, kid-approved.

Whoa! PAX Aus! It was a thing! It’s a week later and my feet still hurt! What’s the deal with that? Despite that, it’s back to work for me and the rest of the Staxel team (who were still at work during PAX anyway). We had a huge amount of awesome player feedback, and, let me tell you, it’s certainly informing our work on what’s shaping up to be one awesome game, if I do say so myself! With that in mind, I’d like to give you all some insight into the development process by listing a few things that we’re improving in Staxel due to player feedback. Disclaimer: it’s all ideas at this point!

1. Reworked item dropping and pickups!

This sounds pretty mundane, but it’s something that almost everyone at PAX ran into: apparently setting the B button on the Xbox controller as “Drop Item” is a terrible idea. Fellow devs, never do it! In light of that, we’re also looking at reworking the way that the player picks up items. Formerly, you had to look at an item on the ground and press a button (left trigger, in our rushed PAX control scheme), which… isn’t super intuitive. We had lots of feedback on that one, and one group of playtesters even took turns hitting the drop button to throw out all 425 admin-mode inventory items!

(The game didn’t crash, which was encouraging!)

2. The user interface!

Our current UI has been in the game for “too long,” according to Liam, who I’m in a Skype call with as I’m writing this. I’d say it’s been around for approximately 8 dog years, which is equivalent to 16 cat years, which is… pretty close to just over 1 human year. Anyway, point is, it’s pretty outdated, and luckily enough, we’re working really hard on giving it both a redesign and a facelift. For example, here’s what our character creator looks like now:

Our initial, ugly, implementation

And here’s what Conor’s work-in-progress mockups are looking like!

Wow! So pretty! Such customization!

As you can see, we’re going for a naturalistic vibe with our our interface, which we hope reflects the fun and friendly nature of the game. We’re always open to feedback, of course, so if you’ve got thoughts on that, please pop on over to our forums and let us know what you think!

3. More support for social activities!

In Staxel, you can already cook, go on picnics, hunt bugs, catch fish, and explore for secrets on the island, alone and with friends. But at PAX, the players wanted more. They wanted something extreme. They wanted… Staxel 2?!

Actually, no, they wanted beacons. And we’re happy to put those in the game! We’re thinking that each player will have a small number of beacons that recharge over time, so you can let your friends know exactly where you are on the island, no matter how far away you are. Because, hey, we don’t want to get in the way of you having fun with your friends. That’s a major part of our game design: letting you have fun, unobstructed!

There were plenty more points that players brought up at PAX, and most of them are things that we’ve either considered already or, even better, we’re working on already! It’s super exciting to know that we’re on the same path as the players with regards to game design and expectations, and it tells us that we’re doing just fine when it comes to getting this game ready for everyone to play.

Soon? Maybe. Who knows? We know. You wanna know? You’ll have to wait! Mwa ha ha!

By the way: there’s a secret hidden in our reveal trailer. Did you find it? We’ll be letting you know about the second part of that before the year ends. Look out for it!

Happy travels, friends!

Damon, narrative designer on Staxel

Back from Minecon!

Hey guys! The team just got back from showing Staxel off at Minecon and I thought now would be a good time to update you all on how things are going.

We’ve been quiet for a while but we’ve been actively working and have been making good progress! We had to crunch for the last 3 weeks to prepare for Minecon and
got a huge amount of work done.

Our team has grown too, which we’re very excited about! Check out our team section to see the updated team list here.

Minecon went above and beyond with our expectations, everybody loved the game and we got fantastic feedback. People especially loved our unique crafting system, which is what the next blog post will be about, so make sure you’re following us on either Twitter, reddit, or our forums!

We met so many fantastic people, and plenty of dedicated and passionate game developers. We had a great time playing all their games and having them play ours. (Which I’m sure they enjoyed immensely. 😉 ) Seriously though, their feedback was very encouraging and greatly appreciated!


Keep checking back as I’ll be posting more blog posts regarding what’s new in Staxel soon!

Development Update

Hello all!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been in the process of moving and setting up a new PC so I can spend more time on Staxel.

I’ve started streaming my development for art assets on my twitch channel.

Here’s a little update on some concepts I’m working on and hopefully will be implemented into Staxel soon.

In addition to this, we’ve started work on the gameplay of Staxel and “Adventure” mode which will be the main focus on the game and hopefully we can give you some more details about this new mode soon.

Thanks for reading!