Staxel Reporter – Issue #36: Pumpking Feast Festival & Updated Tavern


Staxel Reporter – Issue #36

Hey everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about the first festival, ‘Pumpking Feast’ as well as take a quick look at the new and improved tavern. Enjoy!

Pumpking Feast

The first festival has been added to Staxel! I’m very excited to finally be typing up this article.  I’ve been excited for festivals for the longest time, and oh boy, what a festival it is! This festival is the first of many, and since it isn’t in the public build yet I’ll give you all a lil’ sneak peek.


‘Pumpking Feast’ happens once per year on the island. The story goes that at this time of year, emissaries of the Pumpking pay the island a visit in order to prepare for a grand feast celebrating the harvest season. This happens every year early in Autumn. With that, prepare to have a blast getting involved with all the games and activities that come with Pumpking Feast!

There’s so much to do, and only a couple of days to do it! I started with the maze myself, got lost a few times and then eventually found my way back to the entrance. Now, I’m not going in there again, but maybe you’ll have better luck with it!

After that I decided to help out a bit. They were running short on sweets, so I made some toffee apples! One of the emissaries of the Pumpking gave me the recipe after all, it was the least I could do.


I finished up the day with some good ol’ fashioned pumpkin carving! Now my Jack O’ Lantern may not have had the best face, and sure, maybe I had to take a trip to the emergency room… but at the end of the day I had made a pumpkin with a face and so technically I still made a Jack O’ Lantern. Okay? Next paragraph please.

It was a long day, but after getting involved with each activity I was rewarded with the Pumpking Emissary outfit. I was told very clearly this does NOT make me an ‘official’ Pumpking Emissary, but I’m not buying that. I would make an excellent Pumpking Emissary.

That’s pretty much it for a quick overview on this festival. I encourage you to check it out in-game when it hits the public build! The festival begins on the 5th of Autumn and lasts a couple of days. Just remember, when carving Jack O’ Lanterns, carve in a clean, dry and well-lit area.

Updated Tavern

Winters has been hard at work creating new structures and worldgen items to make the island more interesting. His latest endeavour has been to give the Tavern a complete overhaul! No longer will you have to spend your Friday nights sitting in a stuffy, outdated, and reportedly unhygienic establishment (the Standards Agency are still currently investigating claims of questionable cleanliness practices made by a certain blonde-haired, fastidious resident). It’s time to bring a little class to this village!

We have a sneak preview of the new Tavern so take a look for yourself and see what you think.


As you can see, the new hang-out spot is definitely a cut above the old one. It even has a room available for residents who, for whatever reason, can’t spend the night at home.


And just look at that interior! The best part is, everything is now up to code. The second story even has bannisters! There was just something a little worrying about having a second floor in a tavern that had no safety railing.

The new tavern is the first of many building overhauls you can expect in the coming weeks. It’s not in the public build yet but should be relatively soon. We’re so happy with it, and Rowan is too! Now his tavern is fixed up, the next step is keeping Farm Fan out of the good stuff.

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #35: Tokyo Game Show & Set Pieces


Staxel Reporter – Issue #35

Hi everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about how Tokyo Game Show went, and the new ‘set pieces’ we’re working on. Enjoy!

Tokyo Game Show

We’re back from Tokyo Game Show, and it was awesome. Hopefully this article will give you a little taste of the magic we experienced while we were there! (It really won’t, but probably still worth a read. )


Tokyo Game Show went incredibly well for us. We’ve had so many gamers of all ages coming up and giving Staxel a go, and it really seemed to strike a chord with them! It’s so valuable watching people play Staxel who have never heard of it before. We’ve played it so much over the years that it’s hard to tell what people will struggle with and what they will enjoy. We made a lot of notes watching them play, and we’re currently addressing the issues that the players found!

Like Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show showed us that we’re getting so close to what we have envisioned for Staxel! Just a few more features and dash of polish and we’re good for steam! Well, maybe cup of polish… or a barrel.


Something we learned pretty quickly was that in Japan, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons that we know and love are swapped around. We had to do a quick fix so that the gamers there could use the controller the way they’re used to. It brought up the good point that while we have so many language translations, there may be other differences we’ll need to take into account when releasing Staxel all over the globe. Time to crack out the books!

All in all we had a blast in Tokyo. We met some Staxel fans, hung out with the other devs and saw the beautiful city!

Set Pieces

We’ve recently begun working on something we’ve ever so affectionately called ‘set pieces’. These set pieces are a wide range of different structures that will spawn throughout the Staxel world. Let’s take a deeper look at what I’m talking about.


The hermit’s hut is an example of a set piece that you might stumble upon when exploring the island. We want to have a variety of different, random things that you might find when exploring beyond the village.

Set pieces aren’t restricted to buildings and structures, they also include more natural things like lakes, boulders, tree stumps and so on. Just a few extra things to add a bit of spice to the island. Along with that, we’re also planning on adding 20+ new tree variations, as we only have around 3 or 4 right now.


One other thing I want to mention is the beach specifically. So far the beach has been pretty bare and boring, however, we’re also going to be adding a bunch of set pieces to spawn there too! This includes a fishing dock, a lighthouse, a beachhouse and plenty more!

I hope that gives you a better idea of what to expect when we push set pieces. They’re not in the public build yet but should be added in one of the next updates!

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #34: Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom & New Villagers


Staxel Reporter – Issue #34

Hey everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about Tokyo Game Show, how Gamescom went and new villagers. Enjoy!

Tokyo Game Show

Staxel is heading to Tokyo Game Show! If any of you are at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, please be sure to visit our booth! We will be exhibiting during the 21st-24th of September.

If you’re going to be attending, make sure to visit us for some adorable stickers and a chat!

Back From Gamescom

It’s been about two weeks since we came back from Gamescom, and I’ve been meaning to update you all on how it went!

One of the main reasons we love doing conventions is it gives us the chance to watch people play Staxel who have never played it before. This stuff is pure gold! Watching different users get confused at the same part or light up at a different part really helps us know what to change and what to leave.


Gamescom in particular was an amazing convention, if only for the fact that it totally confirmed that we’re on the right track with Staxel. The build we had everyone play proved to be easily our most solid build to date! Of course we found changes that need to be made, but the list was much shorter than all the previous conventions we’ve done.

One of the main issues that bubbled up from the countless (or rather, we forgot to count) play sessions we watched was that the tutorial was proving to be a bit of an awkward introduction to Staxel. Since then we’ve had a lot of calls, done a lot of planning and are now wrapping up the totally overhauled tutorial!


Along with changes to the tutorial, we have many other adjustments in the works which all stemmed from the Gamescom play testing. For example fishing, map view, day/night transitions and more!

All in all we had an amazing time at Gamescom. We had a blast meeting some of our community members, hanging out with our booth neighbours and eating a lot of delicious food. Mmmmmm.

Villager Design Overhaul & New Villagers

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally updated all the villager’s temporary designs to something more permanent. Now, I know we’ve all probably gotten a little attached to the old designs but… well, this was a long time coming. I’m gonna miss you, old Max.


Oh wait, new Max is way better, nevermind!

Each villager, aside from Farm Fan and Oscar, has had their design totally overhauled. (We just couldn’t bring ourselves to change Oscar. I’m not ashamed to admit that Oscar holds a special place in the dev team’s collective heart. ) Their looks should better fit their personality now and each one should look much more unique than before.

Now not only that, but we’ve added some totally new villagers too! Around 20 new villagers to be, somewhat, exact. Each new villager has a unique personality and design, which will help keep village life interesting!


These changes to the villagers aren’t live yet, but should be in the next update. I hope you’re as excited about these changes as I am! We feel these changes will go a long way with the village ambience and making each villager feel even more unique.

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #33: Gamescom, Seasons & Animal Expressions


Staxel Reporter – Issue #33

Hey everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about Gamescom, seasons and the new animal expressions. Enjoy!


Staxel is heading to Gamescom! If any of you are at the upcoming Gamescom, please be sure to drop by our Staxel booth. You can find us in the Indie Arena. Hall 10.1, Booth A020, we’ll be in the Humble Bundle section.

If you’re attending, be sure to drop by for some awesome stickers and a chat!


What’s a farming game without seasons? Who cares, we’re adding them to Staxel anyway! They’re still being worked on but they should be hitting the public build soon. Let’s go over the new seasons mechanic and see what they add to Staxel.


When creating the seasons, we decided to stick with the classics: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season currently lasts 10 in-game days, but we still need to do some playtesting to make sure 10 days is the right amount so this could easily change in the future.

Not only will the world’s appearence change depending on the season, but the content will too. You’ll find the stores stock different goods, the wildlife will change, the weather will vary, and much more than I could simply list here!


Crops can only grow in specific seasons. This means that you will need to do some extra work on the farm on each season change.

That more or less sums it up for the upcoming seasons mechanic. It’s not in the public build yet, but you shouldn’t be waiting too long.

Animal Expressions

Picture your favourite animal. Great, now picture it pulling a cute facial expression. So much better, right? That’s why we’ve decided to add facial expressions to all the animals in Staxel!


You should play close attention to an animal’s expression as it will be an important tool for you. It will give you insight into the creature’s mood. You might find that something is off with your livestock, perhaps they’re not eating properly, or not being cared for properly. The first clue will be their mood.

The current moods creatures can express are:

  • Neutral
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Extremely Happy
  • Depressed


It’s important to keep your animals happy if you want to continue getting the benefits they bring. For example, a depressed cow can’t be milked, and a depressed pet won’t bring you gifts. The new animated expressions will prove to be vital in gauging the state your animal is in. Also, the expressions are super cute!

That’s about it regarding animal expressions for now, we’re very happy with how they’ve turned out. We might need to add more expressions in the future too, so keep an eye out!

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #32: Building Sites & World Generation


Staxel Reporter – Issue #32

Hey everybody, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about the new building sites system and take a look at the improvements to world generation. Enjoy!

Building Sites

Something new that Joe’s been working on is ‘building sites’. A building site is placed down, and has completion requirements. For example, if you wanted to build a villager house, you’d place down the ‘villager house building site’ and then complete all the required tasks.

Now, how it works is every site has a special ‘totem’. This totem is a unique object specific to the building you’re about to build. Once it’s down you can interact with it and it will show you the outline of the building site and a check box of the complete and incomplete tasks. For example, a villager’s house has a ‘mail box’ totem.


This system allows us to make the world interact appropriately with any new buildings you put up. Now a villager will move into a house you build! Also, if you tear down a villager’s house, or remove some of the essential parts, the villager will stay at the local tavern, and eventually move out if the house isn’t repaired!

This system isn’t just for houses though, it extends to public buildings, farm structures and other miscellaneous buildings too. Some villager’s have work places, and as long as the work place is built properly they will go about doing their job each day. (Or most days at least.)


Now you may be a bit too busy running your farm to worry about construction work, but completing buildings can be very rewarding! You may be asked to build something specific as a villager quest, or you might unlock another game feature by building the corresponding building for it! This feature is still being worked on, and we’re still adding building sites but we’re very excited about this feature and we hope you are too.

Improved World Generation

Callum has been hard at work polishing up and improving our current world generation. We’re going to take a brief look at some of the new stuff he’s been adding. Keep in mind world gen is still a work in progress and we still have more work to do on it!


The meadow biome is a new biome recently added. Big fields of long grass with the odd tree here and there. A perfect place to sit down and relax after a hard day’s work on the farm. Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket! Like the forest biome, there will likely be items that can only be found here. So keep an eye out!

A huge, snowy mountain really ties the island together! If you fancy some hiking then grab your warmest winter gear and start climbing! As of now there’s not much to find on the mountain aside from a pretty view but we have a few ideas that I can’t actually talk about yet. Trust me when I say the mountain will serve an important purpose!

Along with the new biomes, Callum’s been adding a lot of polish to the existing world gen to round out the sharp corners. Not only that but work’s been done to the village generation as well! Some of these changes are already in the public build so be sure to check it out!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #31: Airship Port & New Water


Staxel Reporter – Issue #31

Hi everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about the airship port and take a look at the new water. Enjoy!

Airship Port

We’ve all been very busy lately and a lot of new features are being worked on. That said, right now I’m going to focus on one specific feature I’m very excited about. The airship port! Now, it’s still being worked on, but the basic functionality is there, and a very early version of it is already in the public build! I’ll give you some insight on what to expect from the finished version.


Above is a pic of the current, but still work in progress, airship port. Obviously it’s missing the airship and various other things but this is what it will look like at a very basic level.

Now, the airship port is going to be the main gate of entry and exit for all the villagers and NPCs in your village. If one of the villagers is unhappy with the town, or if *someone* wrecked their home, they’ll head over to the airship port and prepare for departure. This will give you time to make any amends/repairs necessary to keep them from moving out.

Also, any new villagers moving in or old villagers returning home will arrive at this station overnight.


Introducing Cloudbeard! Not only is he the pilot, but he’s a merchant too. Cloudbeard sells rare and exotic goods that he’s picked up on his travels. Now they might be a little pricey, but they’re worth every petal! The items he sells can’t be found or purchased anywhere else, so if you’re in the market for some unusual goods from a distant land, Cloudbeard is your man!

And there you have it. The next update should contain a much more polished version of the airship port, so keep an eye out!

New Water

At long last we’ve finally started addressing water. We’re going to take a brief look at the new water and talk about what to expect from it in the future.


Many of you who have played Staxel before will know that our placeholder water was as placeholder as it gets. Now water is actually water-y! If you haven’t hit the beach in Staxel yet, then best grab your board because surf’s up! (Disclaimer: no surfing.)

We have a brand new water block which is now swimmable, fishable and looks pretty slick to boot. Somewhat related, we also have a few new breeds of fish for you to catch at the beach, so if you’re one for fishing then it’s time to hit the beach!

While we’ve made some big improvements to the water there’s still some work to be done. We’re going to try and make it even prettier with some nice sparkling effects. We’re also currently figuring out how the water should behave. Until then, water can be dug up with tools and placed like any other block.

That about sums it up for the new water. The water in the public build is already updated but expect further changes in the future!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #30: Biomes & New Pets


Staxel Reporter – Issue #30

Hey everybody, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about biomes and take a look at the new pets. Enjoy!


Many of you will be excited to hear that we’ve recently begun work on adding different biomes to the Staxel world! Let’s take a look at what’s in the works.


The forest biome is the first biome we started working on, and as we only recently started working on biomes it’s currently the only one that’s screenshot ready.  Right now it doesn’t offer anything other than a pretty zone on your island, but we aim to give different biomes real purpose so in the future you might find cool stuff in there that you won’t find anywhere else!


The next one in the works is likely going to be more of a wide open space, something along the lines of a meadow or a savannah. We’re very excited for the new biomes as it will be a great way to break up the island. Now, we need to do something about the ocean of flowers…

We’ll definitely be posting pics when the next biome is ready so make sure you keep an eye on any of the following:

New Pets

The variety of pet breeds in Staxel has just grown! Before, at the end of the tutorial you could only recieve one type of breed for both cats and dogs. Now, however, you’re rewarded with a pet of a random breed! But who cares about what I’m saying? Let’s look at some cute pet pictures!


D’awww, just look at these adorable dogs! The new breeds are bloodhounds, dalmation, and border collies. There may be more breeds in the future but these should do for now at least! Now let’s put the dogs safely away and bring out the cats.


You have no idea how hard it was to get them to line up for this picture… does anyone have any antiseptic? Anyway, here they are! We’re hoping these extra breeds should help your pet feel a bit more unique to you.

That about sums it up for the new pets. We’ll certainly be adding new pets in the future other than cats and dogs, so there’s more to look forward to in the pet department!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #29: Back from EGX Rezzed & New Merchant Zone


Staxel Reporter – Issue #29

Hi everybody, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about how our visit to EGX Rezzed went and take a look at the new merchant district currently being worked on. Enjoy!

EGX Rezzed

If you’ve been following our social media you’ll know that a few of us went to EGX Rezzed in London to exhibit Staxel. This will be a little update on how it went!


I’ll start off by saying the convention went amazingly! All of us who went have done a good few conventions between us, but we all agreed that EGX Rezzed was our best one to date. We got so much positive feedback and a lot of useful input, it was awesome seeing so many people excited for Staxel!

A few of our community members even dropped by and hung out with us! It was really great to put faces to the usernames we’ve been talking to for ages now.

We brought 500+ stickers with us just so we didn’t run out, we never print enough. Well, I’m very proud to announce one of my biggest achievements in life. I handed out the very last sticker within minutes of the closing of the last day. Yep, you read that right, I’m amazing!


We also met a lot of the other devs exhibitting their own games. We saw so many promising games being made by some very talented devs, and had a blast trying them out!

We made a huge list of input we got from the players, and also things we noticed players struggling with. Since we got back, nearly two weeks ago now, we’ve had some calls and injected all the issues we found into our development plan. We’ve fixed quite a few of the issues found at EGX Rezzed already, but still have more to go!

All in all, EGZ Rezzed was absolutely awesome. We all had so much fun and was definitely worth doing. We made some friends, got a lot of positive input and grew our buglist even more. Well, it’s important to find bugs sooner than later!

New Merchant District

Among many other changes, we’ve given the merchant zone a second pass. It’s not totally done yet but it’s close so today we’ll be having a look at what’s changed there.

Currently 4 merchants sell their wares behind some counters in the town square. Not for long though! Each merchant has been given their own cart to sell their goods at. With each design unique to the store type, this should really pretty up the vendor zone. The merchants seem happy at least!


As these carts take up so much space, they’ve also been graciously gifted a new plot of land by the Mayor. Thanks Mayor! The new ‘market district’ is a small plot of land just below the town square with enough space for all the current carts, and extra space for any future merchants who show up!


With more merchants, browsing goods will be more fun and you’re more likely to find something you’d like to buy! Right now the new merchants stores are ‘building, animals, seeds, clothing, and furniture’, so there’ll be plenty to choose from!

That about wraps it up for the new merchant zone, as I said it’s still a work in progress but you won’t need to wait long for it to go live as it’s nearly done. Thanks for reading!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #28: EGX Rezzed & Development Update


Staxel Reporter – Issue #28

Hey everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’ll be talking about the upcoming EGX Rezzed we’re attending and also have a look at a general development update. Enjoy!

EGX Rezzed

It’s only been two weeks since we took Staxel to San Francisco and now that we’ve had a little breather we’re getting ready to take it out again. This time it’s EGX Rezzed in London!


EGX Rezzed is a gaming event that stems from the larger EGX Convention normally held in Birmingham. One of the main differences is that Rezzed has a stronger focus on indie games.

We’ll be exhibiting Staxel at a stand in the expo for the entire length of the convention, so if you’re planning on attending, be sure to come and pay us a visit! It’s always exciting for us to be able to see people play Staxel and get their feedback and first impressions on the game.

We’ve had a giant banner printed out specifically for the event so don’t worry, it’ll be very easy to find us.


As usual, we’ve printed out a bunch of stickers to give away at the event.

If you see us, make sure you come over a grab a few to add to your collection.

EGX Rezzed is taking place on Thursday 30th March to Saturday 1st April at Tobacco Dock in London. We’re really looking forward to meeting people from the community and if you aren’t attending, don’t worry, we’ll give you a full update on the event in the next issue of the Staxel Reporter!

Development Update

Today I thought I’d give you an overview on what we’re currently working on in preperation for the upcoming convention. I won’t be going into much detail, but you can expect a more detailed look on some of these in the near future!

Callum is currently working on pet games, starting with ‘fetch’. It’s already working pretty well! This’ll add some more interaction between you and your adorable pet.

Go on Hamish, fetch!

Phil is doing work on the furniture store. The furniture store is going to be a building, as opposed to the market stalls found in the town square. Stock will cycle every day so be sure to check it often!

Speaking of furniture, Razz is working on a new furniture set! Expect to see more about that soon.

Joe has been working on an improved starter tutorial. You now start out in the town hall and Farm Fan gives you a tour around before leading you to your farm. This second pass to the tutorial will be a much smoother intro to Staxel and some of it’s features.


With EGX Rezzed coming up fast, Conor is running around doing all high priority art tasks as they’re requested. Things are getting pretty busy as they usually do before conventions. Conor, we need boulders, stat!

Bart is working on optimisations and bug fixing to ensure a smooth experience for our players at EGX Rezzed.

As you can tell we’re incredibly busy right now and will be for the next two weeks at least, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the fun stuff! Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our discord community! It’s a pretty casual server where you can find out the latest info or just have a chat with us and the rest of our community. We hope to see you there!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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Staxel Reporter – Issue #27: New Village & Villagers


Staxel Reporter – Issue #27

Hi everybody, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’re going to show off the new villagers, and take a look at the new village!

New Village

The first pass of the village is finally done and in-game! That’s right, if you start staxel up now and create a new world, you’ll notice a path that leads from your farm directly to the new village. So let me give you some juicy details before you jump in-game!

After our first village build we realised we weren’t happy with the current selection of blocks. They all seemed a bit too gloomy, so SteampunkStein did some experimenting and came up with a fresh style and a bunch of new blocks!


Using these new blocks we built a house for each one of the new villagers. The buildings are likely to change in design in the future but it’s certainly a start! Each villager has their own home and will always head back to it when they’re finished with their business in the village.

There are also some ‘special’ buildings. Right now we have a town hall, a tavern, and a grocery store. The town hall is where the Mayor can usually be found during the day. The grocery store is stocked full of cooking ingredients and other necessities and the tavern is ready to serve you after a long day of outdoor work.


The town square is basically the heart of the village. It’s usually bustling with busy villagers and usually it has market stalls with merchants trying to sell you and other their wares. In the future, however, the town square will also be a place that hosts festivals and celebrations!
As I said, this is only the first pass on the village and still needs a great deal of work. That being said, we’re very happy with how it’s all coming along and we can’t wait to see how far we can push it!


We recently introduced you all to ‘farm Fan’, our first villager… well now we have a whole village worth of them! Now they’re still early in development but I figured it’s still worth clueing you all in on what stage they’re at.The villagers are in the public release already so if you want to check them out for yourself just hop in-game! Right now we have several villagers all with temporary designs which will change in the future. Even so, they all have a unique personality and look about them already!


When joining and moseying on over to the new village, you’ll find it buzzing with village life as the locals go about their day. Right now you can have a very brief, one way conversation with the villagers, but we still have work to do until all the planned functionality is there. You can usually find them hanging out in their homes, the town square, hanging in a ‘chill spot’ or sometimes even the tavern!


Some villagers, however, play a special role in the village and depending on that role changes their behaviour. Maximillion the Mayor, for example, will usually make time in his day to go to his office in the town hall while Rowan stays loyally stationed in the tavern, ready to serve thirsty villagers and farmers alike!

We will carry on improving the villagers until all our plans for them have been achieved. There’s still plenty of work to do but we’re making great progress!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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