Staxel Reporter – Issue #27: New Village & Villagers


Staxel Reporter – Issue #27

Hi everybody, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’re going to show off the new villagers, and take a look at the new village!

New Village

The first pass of the village is finally done and in-game! That’s right, if you start staxel up now and create a new world, you’ll notice a path that leads from your farm directly to the new village. So let me give you some juicy details before you jump in-game!

After our first village build we realised we weren’t happy with the current selection of blocks. They all seemed a bit too gloomy, so SteampunkStein did some experimenting and came up with a fresh style and a bunch of new blocks!


Using these new blocks we built a house for each one of the new villagers. The buildings are likely to change in design in the future but it’s certainly a start! Each villager has their own home and will always head back to it when they’re finished with their business in the village.

There are also some ‘special’ buildings. Right now we have a town hall, a tavern, and a grocery store. The town hall is where the Mayor can usually be found during the day. The grocery store is stocked full of cooking ingredients and other necessities and the tavern is ready to serve you after a long day of outdoor work.


The town square is basically the heart of the village. It’s usually bustling with busy villagers and usually it has market stalls with merchants trying to sell you and other their wares. In the future, however, the town square will also be a place that hosts festivals and celebrations!
As I said, this is only the first pass on the village and still needs a great deal of work. That being said, we’re very happy with how it’s all coming along and we can’t wait to see how far we can push it!


We recently introduced you all to ‘farm Fan’, our first villager… well now we have a whole village worth of them! Now they’re still early in development but I figured it’s still worth clueing you all in on what stage they’re at.The villagers are in the public release already so if you want to check them out for yourself just hop in-game! Right now we have several villagers all with temporary designs which will change in the future. Even so, they all have a unique personality and look about them already!


When joining and moseying on over to the new village, you’ll find it buzzing with village life as the locals go about their day. Right now you can have a very brief, one way conversation with the villagers, but we still have work to do until all the planned functionality is there. You can usually find them hanging out in their homes, the town square, hanging in a ‘chill spot’ or sometimes even the tavern!


Some villagers, however, play a special role in the village and depending on that role changes their behaviour. Maximillion the Mayor, for example, will usually make time in his day to go to his office in the town hall while Rowan stays loyally stationed in the tavern, ready to serve thirsty villagers and farmers alike!

We will carry on improving the villagers until all our plans for them have been achieved. There’s still plenty of work to do but we’re making great progress!

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

Thanks for reading!