Staxel Reporter – Issue #26: First Villager ‘Farm Fan’ & Pet System


Staxel Reporter – Issue #26

Hi everybody, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’re going to show off the new villager, ‘Farm Fan’, and take a look at the new pet system!

Farm Fan (The First Villager)

We’re very excited to introduce you all to ‘Farm Fan’ (we asked her for her name but this is all she’d give us). She’s the first villager you’ll meet when beginning Staxel for the first time!

She is an absolute farm fanatic, completely hooked on all aspects of farming! We’re talking posters of farms on all her walls. She has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to farms, and she’s excited to help you get started with your role as the village’s new farmer! She can be a bit pushy, sure, but she just loves farming so much.

Note: Her design hasn't been decided on yet so she'll likely look different in the future.
Note: Her design hasn’t been decided on yet so she’ll likely look different in the future.

When you start out fresh on the farm, she’ll visit and ask if you need any guidance on getting started. She’s really quite clever and will walk you around the farm showing you the important parts. She can teach you how to use tools, how to plant crops and tend to them properly, how to ship your goods and much more! She does her best to explain things thoroughly so you don’t feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end.

If you’re pretty satisfied with your farming knowledge you can tell her that you don’t need any lessons and she’ll head back to the village where she’ll continue about her day. She’s just another villager after all. A villager with an intense obsession with farms.  If you ever change your mind though just strike up a conversation with her, she’s always happy to give advice!

We feel ‘Farm Fan’ will be a great help when introducing new players to Staxel, and we can tell she’s excited to help! She marks an important milestone as she’s Staxel’s first villager. The first of many!


I’ve been excited to talk about this feature for a while now, and I can finally give you all the scoop. The first pets have recently been added! It was inevitable really, who can imagine a lively farm without its resident dogs and cats scampering about?


Every pet needs a pet house and a food bowl, these are important when it comes to pet care as a neglected pet will become sad and disobedient. If you love and care for them properly, a happy pet will sometimes bring you a gift to show it’s appreciation. You might have noticed the little area next to the pet house in the picture, that’s where your pet will deliver any presents it finds for you, so make sure to keep them happy and well looked after!

A happy pet is a loyal pet, your companion will follow you around while you perform your day-to-day tasks, so no slacking! You need to set a good example now that you’ve got a cute little best friend on your heel. If you’d rather let your pet play while you work though, you can tell your pet to relax and it will stop following you and just hang around.


As of now, at the start of the game you will have an option between either a cat or a dog, but we’ve got some other plans for pets in Staxel too, not only will there be a selection of colours for your dogs and cats, but we’re thinking of adding other domestic animals at some point in the future. I can’t go into it just yet as nothing’s been decided, but be on the lookout for new types of pets somewhere down the line.

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

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