Been working on some new shaders for staxel and played around with bloom a bit.

It will not look like this in game, but some of these screenshots are just too much fun not to show šŸ™‚


1cEPosa BCufDeb LRf8kCc R8KLAON xRbi1f1


More lighting

The lighting system is still in flux but this month a few new features has been added to it like calculating the light separately per side of a tile which gives awesome effects in places where reflected light is prominent šŸ™‚



The last two weeks were focused on adding (part of) theĀ world lighting to Staxel. It does this by doing two phases of raycasting, first it throws 24 length rays, if they hit something before being 16 long it doesn’t contribute light and if its longer than 24 it contributes full light to the source. The second phase casts 8 long rays which also takes into account the coloring of the blocks the light bounces against. It will need many more tweaks in the future but for now i think it looks fine šŸ™‚

Moving on

Development of Starbound has sped up significantly recently because of the team moving to London, for me and my family this was not an option.

After two wild years of spending our savings, having our second baby and working all hours every day to get the game on SteamĀ it is time for me to switch gears and spend more time with the family.

Thankfully Starbound is in good hands with the team at the Chuckle offices including new membersĀ such as Metadept who has already improved many components IĀ originally worked on.

Starbound has been a wild ride, thank you all for coming along šŸ™‚

– Ā So long, and thanks for all the fish(axe)