Moving on

Development of Starbound has sped up significantly recently because of the team moving to London, for me and my family this was not an option.

After two wild years of spending our savings, having our second baby and working all hours every day to get the game on Steam it is time for me to switch gears and spend more time with the family.

Thankfully Starbound is in good hands with the team at the Chuckle offices including new members such as Metadept who has already improved many components I originally worked on.

Starbound has been a wild ride, thank you all for coming along 🙂

–  So long, and thanks for all the fish(axe)

35 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Good luck, and thank you for the effort you put into Starbound, helping it shape up to be an amazing game.

  2. Sucks to hear that… but thanks for all, and good luck with all your projects!

  3. The long awaited vacation at the restaurant at the end of the universe eh?
    Good luck on future endeavours.

  4. Thanks for the work on Starbound. Have fun with the family and good luck on your future projects 🙂

  5. Thanks for all that you’ve done with starbound. I enjoyed watching the many weeks of you streaming editing the code. Good luck with any future projects and cherish the time you get with your family!

  6. I hope you do well in life! It’s sad to see you go, but I hope your future goes well! Thanks for Starbound thus far!

  7. So let me get this straight:
    -You guys plan on developing Starbound, selling it and stuff.
    -You whine ’cause people are being harsh since you guys don’t freakin’ update the game not nearly as frequently as you said you would… WHILE you focus on developing this other game.
    -You also have a family, yet you had not planned what to do about that in the case the game sold enough copies (?)
    -You leave the boat ’cause you want to focus on your family.

    Yeah, this seems totally legit. I can’t wait to see who’s leaving next! – Oh, I know you’re going to delete this comment, but just hear this first: you’re a bunch of thieves.

    Good day.

  8. I was contracted to work on Starbound and left my stable day job to do it, now it’s time for me to move on again.
    Chucklefish is a company with a bunch of cool people working there who are plenty capable of finishing Starbound and more people will join and perhaps leave in the future, this is what happens when a company expands.
    People move from job to job all the time.

  9. Shouldn’t be that reasonable when u already finish the game or at least end some phase?(You didn’t finished the 3th phase yet)

    Yeah, people move from job to job, but here Starbound development didn’t move at all since it started (At least,since the ”release”)

    At this rate it will be a year on phase 3.

    You’re speaking like it’s a complete game,not even half of how it should be so its like this -> I wan’t to build a house, i put some bricks,then left to move another work.
    Because Starbound sold a lot of smoke (I hope it wont be smoke) and we are waiting for all that things that they sold us, so yes, we (I think most of people feels the same way) think that its only a brick from the entire hause it needs to be buildt.

    Im trying, but i can find anything reasonable about leaving right now, when you were a important member of Starbound and still no progress was done on the game.

  10. So, the main developer coder leaves. I see lots of hats & lights patches incoming. Maybe there will be some new content in 2015 or so. However, modding community is making me enjoy this game a little.

    Good luck guy, enjoy your new life.

  11. I’m super impressed with what you managed to achieve in Starbound in that period of time! When the necessary catalysts are added to Starbound and it becomes something solid and truly wonderful, we’ll all have you to thank!! Good luck with everything!

  12. Just like everybody. We all assume everyone has a family, and sometimes sacrifices must be made. You have to plan these things in advance when you have a family, not just go “YOLO” and then back the fuck up when you got the money.

    Like Shincry said; put a few bricks, get paid for a full house, then run away. Fulfilling promises is just something the Starbound dev team has failed to accomplish.

  13. I remember watching your streams waiting for the game to come out.

    I’ve had a blast with Starbound and just started modding it. It’s motivated me to learn .lua (which wasn’t that bad!).

    I wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors. I’m sorry some of the Starbound community is so terrible that they would shit up your site here.

    I hope your new project is as successful as Starbound has been!

  14. Bartwe was not the lead developer on Starbound. That was Kyren. We will of course be hiring to replace Bartwe (we already have one extra programmer). But he will be sorely missed.

    Finishing the game is not Bartwe’s responsibility, it’s the responsibility of Chucklefish and companies hire and lose people during projects all the time.

  15. If another programmer is able to assist coding the game from the US why can’t you?

    Are you happy to have stolen money from a group of people just to try and smokescreen your way into someone else’s coinpurse? I sincerely hope that your children do not inherit your lack of scruples, sir.

    And I’m fairly certain that if people get wind of your past association with Chucklefish and their extremely shady ethical practices, you won’t be making any money from your “new game”. In fact, I will be warning forums I frequent of yet another thieving developer trying to claw his way into more checking accounts through false pretense.

    Developers like Chucklefish make me sick.

  16. There is always another way to look at it.
    He isn’t angry you are leaving. He is angry because he will miss you and doesn’t know how to properly express his feelings 😛

  17. Have an amazing life Bartwe, hopefully we see you around on the internet somewhere else you program-god.

  18. Proper companies don’t ask for money in advance; guess what, they get loans. Finishing Starbound is your responsibility, and by “your” I mean every single one of you who took our money telling lies. The game was suposed to be finished this year, now 2015. By 2015 I guess you’ll have the date changed by 2016 and so on. Where are thos daily updates Tiy? Too busy petting your new dog I guess, hmm?

    Go f*** yourself. Now you have an excuse to whine over Twitter one more time but you know what? I don’t freakin’ care ’cause you’ll be cleaning up your tears with OUR money anyway. Never again will someone get my money in advance for a game.

  19. You’re a fucking idiot so yes other people will get your money in advance. Stop lying to yourself you fucking twat

  20. Bartwe did not stole any money, he just made his part of job and ChunkFish give him the money BECAUSE HE WAS WORKING ON CODE. Now he can do whatever he wants, so he developing this game, i think or JUST FOR FUN, or TO MAKE MONEY.
    And i have fun to play with his game.

  21. WoW thats amazing.
    I would like to live that way too, work on a game until the ”beta phase 3”, get 4 millions then go to another game without finishing the first one.

  22. Yeah, except that Tiy used the money to pay Bartwe, It seems pretty obvious he didn’t simply take a fifth (or whatever the size of their team is) of those 4 million, he got paid for the amount of work he did, then stopped working with them, and stopped getting paid, it’s called a “job”.
    The money is used for making starbound, nobody leaving the team is going to take a few million with them.

  23. Enjoyed watching your streams! A pity there’s more than a couple negative comments on a good-bye thread. But I’m sure there’s a lot who really appreciated your work.

    Good luck on future projects, and I’ll be looking forward for the eventual release of Staxel.

  24. It’s happening all over the place. Indie devs would rather sell empty promises rather than a product. But morons like those below are blindly loyal to the folks stealing from their parents’ pockets. It’s a sad world in which we live.

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