Staxel Reporter – Issue #24: Staxel – Sprout Edition & December Plans



Staxel Reporter – Issue #24

Hey everyone, in this issue of the Staxel Reporter we’re going to talk about ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ & our December plans.

Staxel – Sprout Edition

We have just put out a new build which marks the end of development for a major milestone for Staxel! With a lot of work and a lot of care, Staxel – Seedling Edition has just sprouted. It is now ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’!


When we put out ‘Seedling’ at the start of this year it marked a playable sandbox game with a creative mode and not much more. ‘Sprout’, however, is much more! With ‘Sprout’ the game is now playable outside of the original creative mode. Starting with overgrown land, a rundown house and no more than a fist full of petals, it’s up to you to start turning a profit and to revitalise this old farm. It’s going to take a lot of work, but you’ve got all the right tools for the job. If you don’t, you can always place an order using the catalogue!

A lot has changed since we put out ‘Seedling’, here are a few of the major changes to Staxel.

  • Farm animals
  • Playable non-creative mode
  • Selling and shipping station
  • Order catalogue
  • Currency
  • Weather
  • Wide range of crops, berry bushes & fruit trees
  • Starting farm
  • Gatherables
  • Docking stations and storage
  • Major UI overhaul
  • Clothing System
  • Majorly improved cooking/baking system (Still needs plenty more recipes)
  • Majorly improved character creation & customisation
  • Much more stable/optimised
  • Major tool improvements
  • More content
  • ‘Return Home’ button
  • Sound effects overhaul
  • Achievements
  • Entity persistence (for entities and players so you don’t lose progress)
  • Translations
  • Fishing
  • Beekeeping



Now that ‘Sprout’ is complete it marks the end of a specific development focus and the start of the next one. I’m not going to go into much detail about what that entails here, but what I will say is that now we have the farming area sorted it’s time we started working on what’s beyond the farm. Make sure to follow our updates in to find out more about what we will be working on for ‘Sapling Edition’!

It’s been one very busy year for us. Staxel is much closer to what we’ve been envisioning, our team has grown by 4 new members and our community has grown too! Staxel has made a lot of progress and we plan on making much more progress next year!

If you don’t already own Staxel, you can pick it up here for $10 (USD). If you already own Staxel, then no worries! All you have to do now is update and you will be on the new ‘Sprout Edition’. Have fun!

December Plans

We’ve almost reached the end of another year and our plan for December is a little different than usual. The last few months leading up to sprout have been quite intense with everyone pushing hard to get content ready in time for the big update. So we’ve decided that for December, we’re going to change things up and have a bit of fun.


Over the coming month we’re all going to be working on fun little side projects that each of us have personally wanted to play around with. It’s going to be a chance for us to take a breather, get creative, and generally take a small step back to appreciate all that’s been accomplished this year. So keep an eye out for some interesting new things in Staxel that you might not have been expecting!

On a side note to that, one of our community members, Mighty_Borlaug, is creating a Christmas event. This is going to be a community event that you’re all welcome to participate in. Basically, there’s going to be a dedicated server put up for the purpose of building a Christmas village, and that means lots of modding! If you’re interested in taking part in building or modding some Christmas items, be sure to have a chat with Mighty_Borlaug on the Discord. Us devs plan on getting stuck in too!

And with that said, we hope you’ll all enjoy the new update, it’s one step closer to full release and we’re all excited for what we’ll be working on in the next month. As always, if you haven’t already, come and join the community on our Discord channel or wander on over and have a look at the Forums.

That’s it for this issue of the Staxel Reporter. You can grab ‘Staxel – Sprout Edition’ at

Thanks for reading!