Playing around with biomes

Hey, it’s me again!

Today I decided to take a little break from designing flowers and work on something a bit different.
I’ve been playing around with creating some mock-up biomes and they came out pretty awesomely.

The thing about biomes is, where do I start? There’s so much possibility!
So I started with a basic fairy biome (Why fairy? Because I can.) and played around with some tree designs, little concepts (like tiny little fairy houses) , and “fairy style” flowers.

Heres a big chunk of the beautiful fairy land ~
Pretty, isn’t it?

I wanted to incorporate a small fairy village too and made these tiny little houses for them.
Each fairy house has a symbol painted on the walls which signifies their clan, it’s probably a bit too much but sometimes I do get carried away.

To give you a basic idea of how small they are, I’ve compared them to the player character below:


This was super fun to work on and hopefully I’ll be blogging some more mock-up biomes in the near future. 🙂

Thanks for reading!